HAPPY BOX 2016 Winter Holiday [1116130]

HAPPY BOX 2016 Winter Holiday [1116130]

Our Selling Price: JPY26,300

Item Description

HAPPY BOX 2016 Winter Holiday

Price: JPY 26,300 (free shipping)

- Regarding this item, we do not accept cancels, exchanges or returns for any reasons.
- This item can NOT be shipped together with other items.
- You can buy only 1 package per one session.
- You can buy several packages if you place several orders.
- The item(s) in the cart is/are not reserved until you complete your checkout.
So the item(s) in your cart can be sold out during your checkout session.

"HAPPY BOX 2016 Winter Holiday″ is a surprise and "good-buy" box.
Each box includes "Today's momoko 16HB", other dolls and goodies.

- 1 x Today's momoko 16HB
- 1 x momoko or ruruko (There are variations. You can't choose.)
- 1 x Odeco-chan, Nikki, Usaggie or Jossie.
- 3 x outfits/shoes(#), small doll related items, or PetWORKs Doll Division Pamphlet.
#Each outfit fits one of momoko, ruruko or DecoNiki/Usaggie. You can not choose.

- Items in each box vary randomly, items in the photo are samples.
- This is a surprise box. You can not see or choose items in the box.
- If other items are ordered together with this item, the other items will be deleted from the order and the payment for them will be refunded.
- Packages may get damaged.
- This is a special discounted box, so may contains unpackaged items, sample items or items with small defects.
- This item is "First Come First Served", sorry when the item is sold out.
- Products may slightly vary due to uniqueness of each hand-made item.
- Doll may get stains from color transfer out of the outfit.
- Knit dress is fragile, should be treated with care.
- Do not rub hard on the product, it will cause the paint to
chip/peel/fade off.
- CCS-momoko is the one-sixth scale fashion doll (27 cm tall with moveable joints) .
- Doll is made of Non-phthalate PVC.
- Fabric designs on products may vary due to the cutting pattern.
- Do not place the product in high temperature, it may deform.

Please read "Terms & Conditions" page very carefully prior to your order.
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