Wake-Up momoko DOLL WUD019 [SKWUD019]

Wake-Up momoko DOLL WUD019 [SKWUD019]

Our Selling Price: JPY7,344

Wake-Up momoko DOLL WUD019

"momokoDOLL", is manufactured and released by Sekiguchi Co Ltd., a famous doll company under the license of PetWORKs.

"Wake-Up" series is the simple and basic line of momokoDOLL.

- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.

- You can order up to two packages in one session.

Fashion: STOC original, T-Shirt-Dress and Leggings set.

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Skin: Natural
Eyes: Center Glanced, Dark Brown Eyes, No Upper Eyelashes.
Eye Make-up: Beige Eye Shadow.
Lip: Natural-Pink, Smiling-shaped(NIKKORI).
Hair: Real-Black, Straight Long Hair.

- One-sixth scale fashion doll (27 cm tall with moveable joints) .
- Products may slightly vary due to uniqueness of each hand-made item.
- Doll is made of PVC.
- Fabric designs on products may vary due to the cutting pattern.
- Doll may get stains from color transfer out of the outfit.
- Do not place the product in high temperature, it may deform.
- Do not rub hard on the product, it will cause the paint to chip/peel/fade off.
- Knit outfit is fragile, should be treated with care.

- Once we confirm your orders, we do not accept cancels or returns except the cases you receive defective products or incorrect items.

Please read "Terms & Conditions" page very carefully prior to your order.
Wake-Up momoko DOLL WUD019 [SKWUD019]

Our Selling Price: JPY7,344