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[Re-stocked] A line PATTERN BOOK 2 for momoko [alinepttnbk2]

[Re-stocked] A line PATTERN BOOK 2 for momoko [alinepttnbk2]

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Item Description

A line PATTERN BOOK 2 for momoko (re-stocked)

A book of many patterns of momoko outfits by a popular doll artist A line.

Released: 2019
Size: A4 (210 x 297 x 4 mm)
58 Pages (full color)
Patten book of one-piece dresses for momoko doll size.
- Written in JAPANESE ONLY

- Customers can make the items in this book only privately.
- It is not allowed to copy/publish/reproduce this book or items/patterns/information in
this book.
- It is not allowed to sell the items made with the patterns in this book.

Patterns of

One-piece Dresses
- One-piece dress, Low-waist (Type A, Type B)
- One-piece dress, Shirt Style (Type A, Type B)
- One-piece dress, Apron (Type A, Type B)
- One-piece dress, Sailor Collar (Type A, Type B)
- One-piece dress, Coat (Type A, Type B)

- One-piece dress, Shirt Style (Type C)
# Shirt with button crotch

Small items / Accessories
- Mini-buttons (3 types)
- Mini-Rose
- Socks
- Ribbon with Wire
- Flower Crown
- Stuffed Rabbit
- Cat Cushion
- Butterfly Flower

<< Notice >>
For personal use only.
Do not duplicate or distribute.
Do not use this for commercial productions.

- You can buy only 1 package in one session.
- This item is "First Come First Served", sorry when the item is sold out.
- You can purchase other items together with this item.

Please read "Terms & Conditions" page very carefully prior to your order.
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