One-sixth scale Boys & Male Album, PW-28BODY / 六分の一男子図鑑 PW-28BODY [5921011]

One-sixth scale Boys & Male Album, PW-28BODY / 六分の一男子図鑑 PW-28BODY [5921011]

Our Selling Price: JPY6,000

Stock: OK

Item Description

This item will be re-produced and re-stocked in the future (in 2021).

EIGHT:Height 28cm 
Supple and slender body with boyish features.
Hands and feet are detachable parts common to EIGHT and NINE.

A body for "One-sixth scale Boys & Male Album, EIGHT". Body only.

- Body: PW-28BODY (by PetWORKs)
- Mold (Head and Body): Keisuke Sawada (sawada-kobo)

- You can buy only 1 package in one session, regarding this item.
- This item is a nude doll, outfits and shoes are not included.
- This item is "First Come First Served", sorry when the item is sold out.
- Please do not re-sell to other person in purpose of making profit.
- You can purchase other item together with this item.

- A head is not included.
- Hands and foot need to be put on to the doll body by yourselves.
- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.
- Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.
- The colors of parts (body, hands/foot) do not match each other, due to the difference of materials.
They are NOT defects.
- The colors of parts (body, hands/foot) vary depends on the timing of production.
- Dolls will have color irregularity and small color spots due to their structure,
they are NOT defects.
- Doll bodies will have small gaps/slits/lines at seams/joints due to their structure,
they are NOT defects.
- A head, hands and foot are designed that they can be taken apart and attached easily.
- Doll may get stains from color transfer out of clothes/shoes, so please do not keep dolls with clothes/shoes.
- Do not rub hard on the product, it will cause the paint to chip/peel/fade off.
- Do not place the product in high temperature, it may deform.
- CHOKING HAZARD - includes small parts.
- Unexpected accidents may occur - please treat the product with care.
- Not recommended for small children and infants.
- For adult collectors ages 15 and up.
- A doll-stand is not included.
- Please open all boxes immediately after delivery and check for contents and damage.

Please read "Terms & Conditions" page very carefully prior to your order.
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