Dress: Gray Cat Dress Set for ruruko/ グレーキャットワンピースセット [4516010]

Dress: Gray Cat Dress Set for ruruko/ グレーキャットワンピースセット [4516010]

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Item Description

Gray Cat Dress Set (Outfits only) / グレーキャットワンピースセット

- Hairband with Nekomimi (cat ears)
- Ribbon Choker with a Bell
- One-Piece Dress
- Bloomers with a Cat Tail
- Knee Socks

- Suitable for ruruko ("Pure Neemo Full Flection XS, PetWORKs version" and "Obitsu Body 22cm, Bust Size S")

- A doll and shoes are NOT included.
- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.
- Products may slightly vary due to uniqueness of each hand-made item.
- Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.
- Doll may get stains from color transfer out of the outfit.
- Do not give products to small children because they consist of small parts.
- Please open packages immediately after delivery and check for contents and damage.

Please read "Terms & Conditions" page very carefully prior to your order.
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