August 28, 2017. "CCS 17AN momoko PS" and "Usaggie 033" will arrive at our store.

New dolls will arrive at our store.

- CCS 17AN momoko PS JPY23,760


- Usaggie 033 JPY4,212

<< Schedule >>
August 28, Mon. 2017 around 15:00 in JP standard time ( 06:00 in UTC) on sale.

Regarding time in your area, please refer to WORLD CLOCK.

CCS 17AN momoko PS

How to sell:
Sold exclusively at PetWORKs Stores.

PW-momoko, Synthetic Leather Jacket, Frill Blouse,
Pleated Skirt, Mesh Tights, CCS Long Boots.
- "Pleated Skirt" has "cut-off hem", may be frayed.

Face: Honey Face
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Hazel-Brown, Side-Glanced, Dolly-Eyelashes.
Eye Make-up: Warm-Brown Eye-Shadow (Upper and Lower), Shading-Eye-Shadow.
Lip: Nude-Beige.
Nail: Silver
Hair: Ash-Blonde, Mid-Length, Center-Parted.

- Size: 27cm tall.
- Doll is made of PVC and ABS resin
- Outfit: Made of Cloth, Knit
- Mold: Keisuke Sawada (sawada-kobo)
- Outfit: Taeko Sekiguchi

Usaggie 033

How to sell:
Sold at PetWORKs Stores and our retailers.

- Usaggie

Body: White
Blush: Pink
Eyes: Mint-Green. Anime-Eyes.
Eye Lines: -
Nose/Mouth: Gray
Ends of Ears/Hands/Feet: Mint-Green

The size of Usaggie body is same as Odeco-chan and Nikki.

- This item is a nude doll, shoes and outfits are not included.
- Size: 20cm tall.
- Doll is made of PVC, made in Japan.
- Mold: by Yurika Kawamoto

- You can purchase only one package per one doll regarding this item at one session.
- These items are "First Come First Served", sorry when the items are sold out.
- Please do not re-sell to other person in purpose of making profit.
- The item(s) in the cart is/are not reserved until you complete your checkout,
and the item(s) in your cart can be sold out during your checkout session.
So it will be safer to purchase one package per session.
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