September 29, 2017. "Calendar, momoko Photograph 2018" and "Ballerina Dress set, Ivory, for ruruko"will be on sale.

The new items below will arrive at our store on September 29, 2017.

- Calendar, momoko Photograph 2018
Price: JPY864

- 13 sheets.
- Size (W182×H138×D75mm, not including the ring parts)
- Full color in all pages.
- Holidays are Based on Japanese Calendar
- Photos: by winners of "momoko Photograph" contest.

- Ballerina Dress set, Ivory, for ruruko
Price: JPY5,400

- Head Ribbon
- Ballerina Dress
- Bloomers
- Frill Socks

Suitable for ruruko, Odeco-chan and Nikki

Outfits: Taeko Sekiguchi

<< Schedule >>
September 29, Friday. 2017 around 15:00 in JP standard time ( 06:00 in UTC) on sale.

Regarding time in your area, please refer to WORLD CLOCK.
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