November 17, 2017. "Usaggie 026 and 027" will be re-stocked.

The below items will be re-stocked.

These Usaggie dolls are made of soft material.

- Usaggie 026
Price: JPY3,780

Body: Translucent, Boy's Body.
This Usaggie has no paint on it.

- Usaggie 027
Price: JPY4,104

Body: Translucent, Boy's Body.
Face: White
Cheek: -
Eyes: Black, Almond-Eyes.
Nose/Mouth: Black

November 17, Friday, 2017 around 15:00 in JP standard time ( 06:00 in UTC) on sale.

Regarding time in your area, please refer to WORLD CLOCK.

- You can purchase only one package per one doll regarding this item at one session.
- These items are "First Come First Served", sorry when the items are sold out.
- Please do not re-sell to other person in purpose of making profit.
- The item(s) in the cart is/are not reserved until you complete your checkout,
and the item(s) in your cart can be sold out during your checkout session.
So it will be safer to purchase one package per session.
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