"Today's momoko 1806" will be released in June-July 2018.

"Today's momoko" is the casual line of momoko, produced in a small quantity.

Today's momoko 1806

Released in June - July 2018.
The detailed schedule will be updated later when it is fixed.

How to sell:
Sold exclusively at PetWORKs Stores. 

PW-momoko, "Shorts Lounge Set" or "All-in-One Outfit".
(The design and the print of outfit will be different from the one in the photo)

Face: Cool Face
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Blue-Gray, Right-Glanced, Three Eyelash.
Eye Make-up: Champagne-Gold Eye-Shadow
Lip: Juicy-Pink, Over-Shaped
Nail: Clear-Pink
Hair: Carrot-Red, Double Chignon.

- Size: 27cm tall.
- Doll is made of PVC and ABS resin
- Outfits are made of fabric.

- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.

The detailed information will be updated when it is ready.
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