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We only accept PayPal payment. Please create PayPal account.

1. Select the item you wish to purchase.
Click [Add to Cart] to put the item into your shopping cart.

2. Go to Checkout.
Click >[Checkout] to view the items in your shopping cart.

3. Checkout
Enter/confirm your order information and complete payment through PayPal page,
following the instructions below.

STEP1: Customer Info
Enter/confirm your information and shipping address then click "Next".

STEP2: Delivery Details
Confirm about the information about "Recipient".
- In case you would like us to ship the package to the different address from the purchaser's address,
please click "Add/Edit" the shipping address, then select the "Recipient".
- Please select "Shipping Method": "EMS" or "International e-packet (Only for orders under JPY10,000)".
- Please put "Credit Card Holder's Name" in case it is different from the name of purchaser.
- Please write any question and message about your order in "Remarks".
Then click "Next".

STEP3: Payment Option
- Payment Options: Please select "PayPal".
- Purchase Quantity: Please confirm the items and the quantity.
Then click "Next".

STEP4: Confirm
- Please confirm about information of your order.
- If you use your point, please select "Use" point then click "Apply Discount".
Then click "Purchase".

STEP4-2: PayPal Page
You will move to PayPal page.
DO NOT click "back" button of the browser, otherwise your order will be canceled.
Please log in to your PayPal account.
If you do not have PayPal account please create your account by clicking "Create a PayPal account".
Confirm about the information then complete your payment through PayPal.

STEP5: (Back to"PetWORKs Store Global") Complete
Purchase Completed.
The message "Purchase Completed. Thank you for your purchase." will be shown.

- The item(s) in the cart is/are not reserved until you complete your checkout. So the item(s) in your cart can be sold out during your checkout session.

4. Receive an order receipt email automatically sent by the system.
This email is automatically sent by the system soon after you complete your order.

5. Receive an order confirmation email.
Within five business days after your order, PetWORKs will send you an email to confirm your order.
Please be sure to check the details of your order.

6. Receive an email to inform you of the dispatch.
The tracking number will be informed by an email from Japan Post.

In case you select EMS
Within seven (7) business days from the date of confirmation email, we ship your order by EMS.
(Except pre-order items and Sekiguchi items.)

Approximately 3 to 7 days is required for EMS delivery. The delivery time (required number of days) depends of the EMS service of your country.

*"List of Delivery Days (EMS: from Tokyo)"

In case you select "International e-packet"
Within twenty (20) business days from the date of confirmation email, we ship your order by "International e-packet".
(Except pre-order items and Sekiguchi items.)

Approximately 7 to 12 days is required for "International e-packet" delivery. The delivery time (required number of days) depends of the postal service of your country.

PetWORKs will send an email to inform you of "item number" of the package so that you can track the package.
Tracking service depends on the postal service in your country.
- EMS: In some countries, packages can not be tracked.
- International e-packet: Tracking service is available for only some countries.

There maybe cases that this site could not be connected smoothly because of access concentration,
soon after the release of a new item(s).
Appreciate your understanding.

Shipping Methods and Costs

Shipping and Handling

Your order will be shipped via EMS or "International e-packet".

TOTAL PAYMENT = "Item total" + "A. Handling fee JPY700" + "B. Shipping fee"

----- A. Handling Fee JPY700 -----
As handling fee JPY700 will be charged to all orders,
regardless of the ordering total.

----- B. Shipping fee -----
# Free shipping on orders over JPY50,000

- EMS Shipping fee -
Asia JPY1,400
North America JPY2,000
Middle East JPY2,000
Oceania JPY2,000
Europe JPY2,200
Russia JPY2,200
South America JPY2,200
Africa JPY2,200

- "International e-packet" Shipping fee (Only for orders under JPY10,000)-
Asia JPY1,000
North America JPY1,400
Middle East JPY1,400
Oceania JPY1,400
Europe JPY1,400
Russia JPY1,400
South America JPY1,400
Africa JPY1,400


You can select "International e-packet" only if your order meets the following terms and also you agree them.

Terms for "International e-packet"
- The maximum amount of "Item total" is JPY10,000. In case you select "International e-Packet" for order over JPY10,000 we will cancel your order and refund your payment.
Refunding fee JPY100 will be taken from the refunding amount.
- We do not responsible for lost or damage during shipping.
- Tracking service is available for only some countries.
- Dispatch takes up to 20 business days (about a month) from the day
we receive payment for an order.
- The insurance of lost or damage is up to JPY6,000 (The insurance of EMS is full amount of the package) .
- Lost/Damaged: We will refund your payment (up to JPY6,000, PayPal fee for refunding will be on you.)
only in case we receive insurance money from Japan Post.
It may take months from the date we ship the package to you.
- International e-packet takes about 7-12 days to be delivered (longer than EMS).

If you strongly request "International e-packet" for orders over JPY10,000, please select "EMS" and leave message in "Other comments" that you prefer "International e-packet" when you check out. In this case the same shipping fee as EMS is required. We do not accept "International e-packet" for orders over JPY30,000 for any cases.




Only PayPal is available for customers.

Please proceed your payment via PayPal website.

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

BankTransfer (Wholesale Only)

■BankTransfer (Wholesale Only)

NOT available for customers.
Only for wholesalers. In case you choose this option, your order will be CANCELED.

Purchase Point

Purchase Point
- You earn 1 Point for every JPY100 you spend with us (shipping fee is not applied), with logging in to our membership.
- Points becomes valid about within three business days after you complete your payment.
- Points expire one year from the date they are credited to your account.
- You can use Points just like cash on our site to buy the products, 1 Point worth JPY1.
- In case you delete your account or change your account, the points for the deleted account becomes invalid.


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