"Hitszy 006" will be released in Aug. - Sep. 2019.

Hitszy 006 JPY4,860

Released around August - September 2019.
The detailed schedule will be updated later when it is fixed.

How to sell:
Sold at PetWORKs Stores and our retailers. 


Body: Paste-Blue, Usaggie Body
Eyes: Cerulean-Blue, Almond-Eyes
Nose/Mouth: Pink
Eye Lines: Turquoise
Blush: Pink
Hair: Platinum-White and Pale-Blue, Rooted.

- Size: 20cm tall.
- Doll is made of PVC, made in Japan.
- Mold: by Yurika Kawamoto

The size of Hitszy/Usaggie/Jossie body is same as Odeco-chan and Nikki,
they can share outfits and shoes.

- This item is a nude doll, shoes and outfits are not included.
- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.
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