Pre-Order Sep 1-6 : "My choice momoko 2109" (Dispatch: Oct-Nov 2021).

My choice momoko 2109 (A, B, C) JPY16,000

"My choice momoko" simulator.

"My choice momoko" as "made-to-order item".
My doll, My choice.
Celebrating 20th anniversary of momoko, "My choice momoko" starts!
You can choose your momoko by choosing hair color, hair style, make-up etc.

"My choice momoko 2109" is made to look like "CCS-momoko Today's 13HB", a very popular model.
You can choose your favorite hair color among three colors.

My choice momoko 2109 A: "Pale-Blonde" hair
My choice momoko 2109 B: "Silver" hair
My choice momoko 2109 C: "Cafe-Brown" hair

Other features than hair color are common with A, B and C.

Pre-Order starts: September 1, Wed. 2021. around 15:00 in JP standard time.
Pre-Order ends: September 6, Mon. 2021.
Dispatch : October - November 2021.
#We accept pre-orders for "My choice momoko 2019" only, in this period. (Items in stock are not available).
#The delivery schedule may be postponed.
#We will open only for taking pre-orders for this item.
Orders for items in stock will not be available.

Regarding time in your area, please refer to WORLD CLOCK.

How to sell:
Sold exclusively at PetWORKs Stores.

PW-momoko, "Shorts Lounge Set" or "All-in-One Outfit".
(The design and the print of outfit may be different from the one in the photo)

Face: Honey Face
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Caramel-Brown, Side-Glanced, Two Upper Eyelashes.
Eye Make-up: Nude-Orange Shading-Eye-Shadow.
Lip: Salmon-Pink
Nail: Clear-Pink
Hair: Straight Long with Bangs.

- Dolls in a photo are photoshopped, will vary from actual products.
- You can buy only 1 package per one doll in one session, regarding this item.
- You can buy all three hair color momoko's by putting the item repeatedly to the cart in one session.
NG: "My choice momoko 2109 A" x2
OK: "My choice momoko 2109 A" + "My choice momoko 2109 B" + "My choice momoko 2109 C"

- Full payment is required at time on ordering by PayPal.
- This is a pre-order for the made-to-order item, and it takes time to be delivered.
- There is the LIMIT of the amount of the pre-order, we will close pre-order when the number of order reaches the certain number.
- This item is "First Come First Served", sorry when the item is sold out.

- We will NOT accept combine shipping with other items regarding this item.
- The design and the print of clothes may be different from the one in the photo.
- Once you complete your payment, your order can not be canceled.
- For cancellation, refund fee "about 4.2% of your payment total" (actual PayPal fee we paid when receiving your payment) will be charged and took from the refunding total.
- There may be a case that we will ship this item one by one in different timings because of the production schedule, in such case the order of shipping will be depends on the order we receive orders. Early orders will be delivered earlier.
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