From Oct 18, 2022: "PetWORKs Calendar 2023" as Free Gift for purchasers.

For the purchase after "October 18, 2022" in Japan Standard Time.

"PetWORKs Calendar 2023" will be available as Free Gift for every purchasers.

"PetWORKs Calendar 2023" contains photos of PetWORKs dolls as well as J-Pop idol momoko dolls displayed at
"momokoDOLL 20th Anniversary Exhibition IDOL? - is momoko an idol? -".

<< Schedule >>
Start: October 18, 2022
End: This offer will end when the certain copies are given away.
This is not offered to the purchasers for "[Pre-Order] NINE ae [KABA]".

<< HOW TO GET >>
Put "PetWORKs Calendar 2023" to your shopping cart together with your ordering items when you check out.

<< NOTICE >>
- "PetWORKs Calendar 2023" is a free gift.
- Do not sell this item for profit.
- You can get one copy per one session of order.
- If you do not put "PetWORKs Calendar 2022" to your shopping cart, this item is not provided.
Please let us know soon after your order, in case you forgot to put it in your cart at checkout. If your order has not yet been packed, we will put it together for you.
- In case you put only "PetWORKs Calendar 2022" to your shopping cart, your order will be canceled and your payment will be refunded (PayPal fee about 4.2% will be taken from the refunding total).

- There are limited copies in total and this offer will end when the certain copies are given away.

PetWORKs Calendar 2023

- 13 sheets.
- Size (W182 x H157 x D70mm, not including the ring parts)
- Size of print: W182 x H128mm
- Full color in all pages.
- Holidays are Based on Japanese Calendar
- Photos of: PetWORKs dolls. momoko, ruruko, 1/6MBA (boy dolls), Odette, Usaggie, Kuma-bolo.
Photo : Hirotaka Yonekura
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