"CCSgirl 23SS ruruko" will be released in May-Jun 2023.

"CCSgirl 23SS ruruko" JPY22,000

Released around May - June 2023.
The detailed schedule will be updated later when it is fixed.
The release schedule may be postponed.

How to sell:
Sold at PetWORKs Stores and our retailers. 

- ruruko (doll)
- Floral One Piece Dress
- One Piece Dress
- Floral Head Ribbon
- Shorts
- High Socks
- Round Toe Mary Jane (STOC)

Hair: Pastel-Pink and Pale-Green Mix
Eyes: Blue-Gray (New Color)
Skin: Fair

- Size: 22cm tall.
- Body: Pure Neemo Full Flection XS, PetWORKs version (Azone International)

- Doll Material: PVC and ABS resin
- Clothes Material: Fabric
- Mask Design: Yoko Tokinori
- Mold (Body, Head) : Keisuke Sawada (sawada-kobo)
- Clothes: Taeko Sekiguchi
- Made in Japan (Body: Made in China, Clothes: Made in Vietnam)
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