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Today August 11 was the anniversary day of momoko!
She made her debut on that date in 2001.
This year is the 10th anniversary.
Thank you so much for all momoko fans!

We've updated PetWORKs "staff blog, English".
Please take a look, then you will find

- A message from Ms. Namie Manabe, Producer of momoko.
- momoko TIME, digital clock of momoko with 1,440 pics.
- Schedule of momoko 10th anniversary year (Aug 2011- Aug 2012).
Regarding orders placed starting from August 18, Thu. afternoon to August 23, Tue. shipping will be postponed later than August 24, Wed.
We can accept orders and can reply to your emails during this period.

The following items will arrive at PW Store Global
16:00 in JP standard time, 7:00 in GMT.
on August 10, Wed. 2011.

- Odeco-chan, Preppy
- Odeco-chan, Preppy PS
- Nikki, Preppy
- Nikki, Preppy PS

- Usaggie 001 (white)
- Shy-Usaggie 003 (cream yellow)
- Jossie 002 (blond)
Pre-order for Sekiguchi momokoDOLL Love DHEX dolls is starting on August 6, Sat at 16:00 in Japan standard time ( 7:00 in GMT ) at PetWORKs Store Global.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary, here come today's momokoDOLLs who adore first version of momoko
"ver. DHEX" released in 2001.

- Sekiguchi momokoDOLL "Love DHEXl", long hair.

- Sekiguchi momokoDOLL "Love DHEXs", short hair.

Since the number we will be able to provide is limited, pre-order may close in case we have many orders.

Price: JPY13,340
Payment: Full payment in advance is necessary.
- Pre-Order start: 16:00 in JP standard time ( 7:00 in GMT ), August 6, Saturday. 2011.
- Estimated Delivery Date: Late August - September 2011, the details will be emailed to customers.
Sekiguchi "momokoDOLL"s and Sekiguchi shoes for momoko arrived at PetWORKs Store Global.
Please note that Sekiguchi item takes several days to be shipped out since they once need to be sent from Sekiguchi to PetWORKs.

"CCS-momoko 11SS Home" will arrive at "PetWORKs Store Global" next week!

Schedule: 16:00 in JP standard time, 7:00 in GMT.
July 12, Tue. 2011.

Now the preview page is UP.

There are three types in "CCS-momoko 11SS Home".

A: CCS-momoko 11SS Home "Black Strawberry"
B: CCS-momoko 11SS Home "Night Peacock PS"
C: CCS-momoko 11SS Home "Caramel Poeny PS"

#We are sorry the ordinary version of "Night Peacock" and "Caramel Poeny"
will not come to PetWORKs Store Global.
"PS" versions are all in the same dress as "Black Strawberry".

<< Notice >>

- You can buy only 1 package per 1 type in one session.
OK: A "Black Strawberry" x 1 + B "Night Peacock" x 1
NG: A "Black Strawberry" x 2
- In the case even only one of the items in your cart becomes sold-out
during the session, all your order is once canceled and you have to go
back to the start. So 1 package in 1 session is SAFER.
- This item is "First Come First Served", sorry when the item is sold out.
Schedule: 16:00, June 29, Wed., in JP standard time,
( 07:00 in GMT, June 29, Wed. ) 2011 on sale.

Now you can preview this item at the below link.

This doll was sold exclusively in our domestic store in May, and some
packages were kept specially for "PetWORKs Store Global".

The amount is limited, sorry incase of sold-out.
New items will arrive at "PetWORKs Store Global" on 27 June!

Schedule: 12:00(noon) in JP standard time, 3:00 in GMT.
27 June, Mon. 2011.

- Odeco-chan Nude Body, "KANUHORU" direction. JPY5,800
- Nikki Nude Body, "KANUHORU" direction. JPY5,800
- Wig for Odeco, "KANUHORU" direction. JPY2,600
- Odeco-chan, "I Love Odeco-chan" JPY8,900
- Nikki, "I Love Nikki" JPY8,900
- Wig for Odeco, Standard Long JPY2,400
- Usaggie 004 (gray) JPY3,900
- CCS Shoes, Rubber Boots JPY1,680
- CCS Shoes, Pumps JPY1,470

# The amounts of some items are limited, sorry in case of sold-out.

Regarding KANIHORU items, you can purchase 1ps for each item in one session.
NG: 2 Nikki.
OK: 1 Nikki + 1Odeco-chan.

KANIHORU direction DecoNiki items are canceled packages.
Although these items were produced on order, we accepted cancels
considering the effect of earthquake, so we have some packages in our
So there are only a few packages, sorry in case of sold-out.