Temporary OPEN: Feb 19-25, 2021. Shipping fee & Area changed.

We will temporarily open in February 2021.

EMS is still not available to some countries (US, Canada, Australia, Russia etc).
DHL is not available to Russia and Australia.

Here in Tokyo Japan, we are still under "state of emergency" for COVID-19.
So we are mainly working at home, only some staff work at our small office at the same time in order to avoid close contact.
EMS is still not available to some countries.
Although we took DHL account, they will not deliver packages to some countries.
So we have to give up delivering our items to some countries.
We will once open our store temporarily.
Handling exporting orders take us time and also delivery will take longer than usual due to COVID-19.
Appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please read "Terms and Condition" and "Shopping Guide" very carefully in advance.

<< Schedule >>
Open: February 19 (Fri), 2021 around 15:00 in JP standard time ( 06:00 in UTC)
Close: February 25 (Thu), 2021 around 24:00 in JP standard time ( 15:00 in UTC)

Regarding time in your area, please refer to WORLD CLOCK.

<< Available Items >>
All items.
- Items in stock.
- New items released while "PetWORKs Store Global" is closed

<< Area/Countries and shipping service >>
EMS fee: Same as before
DHL fee: Depends on area (Asia: JPY2000, New Zealand: JPY2000, US/Canada: JPY2700, Europe: JPY2500 or JPY4000, Ukraine/South America/Africa: JPY4000)
Handling fee: JPY700 to all area
The shipping fee is required regardless of the total amount of your order.
Availability of EMS/DHL depends on a country. You will see Availability during you check out.
JAPAN POST: Service availability by country
EMS not available: US, Canada, Ireland, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, South America etc..
DHL not available: Russia, China, Australia etc...

Availability and the fee of EMS/DHL may change depending on the situation of COVID-19 pandemics.
We may cancel your order or change the shipping method even after we receive your order because of the change.

<< DHL: Notice >>
"post‐office box" is not available for DHL delivery.

Surcharge for DHL
- "Remote Area Delivery" fee JPY2600 is required to be paid in addition to the shipping fee, in case the shipping address is regarded as "Remote Area" by DHL.
This surcharge applies when a shipment is collected from, or delivered to a location that is distant or difficult to serve.
- "Address Correction" fee JPY1300 is required to be paid after the delivery.
This fixed surcharge is applied to any shipment that has an incorrect delivery address at the time of pickup
and the delivery cannot be fulfilled after making efforts at the destination to determine the correct address.

<< Russia and Australia: not available >>
Since both EMS and DHL will not available for Russia and Australia, we are not able to deliver our items to both countries.
Please use forwarding service at the below link.
Usually we will not ship our items to the address in Japan, but we will accept your orders if your address in in Russia or Australia and
the information of the "Recipient" address is the forwarding company in Japan.
We recommend you to register to forwarding service and add their addres as a new shipping address with your account in advance.
TOTAL PAYMENT = ["Item total" + "Shipping fee JPY600"] + TAX 10% x["Item total" + "Shipping fee JPY600"]
YAMATO Shipping Fee: JPY660 (including tax). No Handling Fee.

<< Shipping timeframe >>
It takes up to 30 days before shipping.
Every procedure takes longer time than usual.
Within five (5) business days after your order, PetWORKs will send you an email to confirm your order.
Within twenty (20) business days from the date of confirmation email, we ship your order by EMS or DHL.

The delivery time (required number of days) depends of the EMS/DHL service of your country.

*"List of Delivery Days (EMS: from Tokyo)"
Due to COVID-19, EMS may take much longer (sometimes more than several months) to be delivered.

<< NOTICE >>
- Refunding charge JPY"about 4.2% of your payment total + 40" is required for cancellation.
The refunding amount is: (Total of your ordering items) - (Shipping fee to your area) - (PayPal fee about 4.2% or your payment total for refunding) .

- The amount of new dolls are limited and "First Come First Served", sorry in case of sold out.
- The item(s) in the cart is/are not reserved until you complete your checkout,
and the item(s) in your cart can be sold out during your checkout session.
- Please do not re-sell to other person in purpose of making profit.
- Cancellations for the ordinary items must be received within 12 hours after your order.
- We do not accept cancellation after we pack your order even within 12 hours after your order.
- We are NOT responsible for loss or damage during shipping.
- We will not deliver our items to the address in Japan except the forwarding company of the customer living outside of Japan.
- Orders with shipping address in Japan (except above cases), will be canceled. The refunding fee will be taken in refunding.
- If a shipment is returned to us as Un-Delivered due to the reason of your side (wrong address, address changed, long absence etc.), unexpected disaster or accident, the rules of your country (import regulations, laws etc.), and the problem or mistake of shipping service, we will cancel your order and will partly refund your payment.
- Customers may be subject to customs fees and/or import
duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.

<< Inquiries >>
We only accept inquiries in English or Japanese.
It takes up to 7 business days to reply to your inquiry.

日本国内のお客様は、PetWORKs Store (in Japanese) をご利用ください。
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