"Odette, Labyrinth" will be released in June 2022.

Odette, Labyrinth JPY18,000

Released around June 2022.
The detailed schedule will be updated later when it is fixed.
The release schedule may be postponed.

How to sell:
Sold at PetWORKs Stores and our retailers. 

- Odette (Doll)
- Obitsu-Eyes
- Middle Twin-Tail Wig
- Dress (original print)
- Shorts (STOC)
- Mid-Calf Lace-Up Boots

Eyes: Blue
Skin color: Fair
Wig: Silver and Blue Mix, Middle Twin-Tail

- Size: 24cm tall.
- Material: PVC and ABS
- Made in Japan. (Body and clothes are made in China)
- Body: Pure Neemo Full Flection XS, PetWORKs version (Azone International)
- Eyes: Obitsu-Eyes, B type, 20mm
- Mask Design: Ronshuka Couture (Nanami Junko)
- Mold (Head) : Yukari Kawamoto
- Mold (Body) : Keisuke Sawada (sawada-kobo)

- The items in the photo(s) are pre-production samples, may vary from actual products.
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